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Current Processing & Delivery Time: 5-7 Business Days on Printed Products.
Current Processing & Delivery Time: 5-7 Business Days on Printed Products.

How to Place Tax-Exempt Orders Online

Tax-exempt organizations can place tax-exempt orders by following these simple steps:

Create an account on our website. Click the "Login" icon on the top right of the desktop screen (or "Login" on the mobile menu). Your first order will not be tax exempt unless certificate is presented 5-7 business days before purchasing.

Click the checkbox for tax-exempt status. On the screen where you are prompted to create an account, there is a checkbox to indicate that your order is for an organization with tax-exempt status. Click the checkbox and fill out the required tax-exempt information. Your entries must match the information on your tax-exempt form.

Email us your tax-exempt certificate. We are required to keep a copy of your tax ID certificate on file, which you can email it to: .


Please Note: If your tax-exempt certificate is not received prior to ordering, your order will be processed with tax, which is not refundable. You will receive an estimated delivery date once your order is finalized.

Keep your tax-exempt certificate on file with us up to date. We will require a new tax certificate to be re-submitted on/by Jan 1 each year, all tax exempt statuses will be removed Jan 1 so be sure to update the certificate with us each year. If a new certificate has not been submitted and we do not have a new certificate on file, future orders will be taxed.