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Current Processing & Delivery Time: 5-7 Business Days on Printed Products.

Letter Substitutions

This page is to help those who are missing letters and need to find a substitution. Please refer below. YCD does not take credit for creating this list, if you have suggestions to add or know who created the list, please message our Facebook page! We are more than willing to keep this list up-to-date for you all!


A: V + Flair for the middle, Party Hat, N + Flair and overlap the last vertical of N

B: 1+3 to create the B, R or P using Flair

C: O or Q with Flair over the right side 

D: upside down P, possibly backwards C + 1 

E: F or L with Flair covering the top two lines, G turned backwards

F: E with Flair covering the bottom

G: C with Flair

H: F and I with a star or something covering the top bar, maybe and I + T 

I: Birthday candle, upside down !, two t's on top of each other

J: U half covered 

K: 1 or I with a sideways V

L: I with Flair for L or upside down T and cover with flair or upside down 7

M: Upside down W, two V's taped together

N: an M and cover the end part with the next letter or upside down u, or and I + V, turned Z 

O: Number 0, heart, star, round flower, emoji, sports ball

P: B, cover bottom with flair

Q: O, use flair for hash

R: B cover up bottom with flair, upside down J, or P+ flair

S: 8 or 5, use flair to cover 

T: upside down L and flair, or an I with a 1 on top

U: O cover the top part, J+ I, or upside down n

V: Two I's taped together 

W: upside down M

X: two I's or 1s crossed and taped together 

Y: V with and I taped to the back of the V,  or X and cover with flair 

Z: turn N on side, or 7 with flair for bottom hash