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Current Processing & Delivery Time: 5-7 Business Days on Printed Products.
Current Processing & Delivery Time: 5-7 Business Days on Printed Products.

Shipping and Delivery FAQ

How long does your Shipping / Delivery take?

All of our shipping here at YCD is Standard Shipping for our stock sheets listed and already created on our website. This takes 3-5 business days to process and be delivered to your doorstep. We ask all of our customers to plan for the full 5 days to ensure themselves enough time to receive their items! This standard shipping applies to all customers located in the U.S. regardless of zip code or stock listed product purchased. 

For items that are custom or "not made yet" such as custom sheet designs, business signs, logo/graphic designs, and "You Pick Colors", please allow 7-10 business days as these items take more time to create and are not "ready to be printed".

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes! We Ship to Canada! Our Canada Shipping cost is $35 flat rate plus 5-7% of the order in import tax & duty fees that you will pay to the delivery service (typically Fed-Ex). Please understand that "shipping" is not the same thing as the import tax & duty fees, these are separate costs. You will not pay more in "shipping" at pick up, that is covered. You will only be responsible to pay the import tax & duty fees before or at pick up. Our shipping time to Canada is 7-10 business days and we ask that you plan your orders with enough time in mind.


    Do you offer "Rush or Overnight Shipping"? 

    Unfortunately, we do not offer rush or overnight shipping options any longer. We ask that you always plan ahead of time with your orders to ensure you and your customers are satisfied!

     My order says "fulfilled", does this mean it has shipped?

    Fulfilled means that your order has been accepted by our production team without any issues and has been sent over to our warehouse for printing and packaging. Fulfilled doesn't exactly mean shipped, it just means that the above process has begun. If you need to check your order status, you may do so by clicking here. Please use your email and YCD21-xxxxx order number to check your order status. This page is typically up to date, please allow a full 48 hrs from the time of "fulfillment" status for a tracking number to become available. If you need further assistance with a tracking number, please feel free to chat with us through Facebook by clicking here or email us at

    What will my exact delivery date be? Can you Guarantee my delivery day?

    Here at YCD, we don't like disappointing our customers and promise you an exact delivery day and then miss it. We ask that you follow the standard delivery time, 3-5 business days, but plan for the full 5 days. An easy way to estimate your delivery day would be to expect you order to arrive on the same weekday of the following week. For example, if you order on a Monday, plan for you order to be delivered the following week on Monday (5 business days). If you Order Tuesday, plan for Tuesday the following week and so on.

    What does "Business days" mean?

    Business Days refers to working weekdays, not weekends. So, when we say 5 business days from now, you'd only count the weekdays and exclude weekends. For example, if you order on a Wednesday, 5 business days from that day would the following Wednesday. 

    (Canada) Why am I being charged Duty & Taxes?

    All shipments that are imported into Canada are subject to duties and taxes assessment by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The duty rate varies depending on the type of product and the country where it was manufactured. The amount of duties and taxes for an item primarily depends on the item's value in Canadian dollars and the purpose for the shipment such as a gift. In addition to the duty, tax may also apply (e.g., GST, PST, QST, and HST).

    Why does Canada have Import Tax & Duty fees that I have to pay?

    Duties and taxes are imposed to generate revenue and protect local industry; almost all shipments crossing international borders are subject to duty and tax assessment by the importing country's government. Customs officials assess duties and taxes based on information provided on the air waybill, the Commercial Invoice, and other relevant documents. In some countries, duties and taxes must be paid before the goods are released from customs. A shipment's duty and tax amount is based on the following:

    • Product value
    • Trade agreements
    • Country of manufacture
    • Description and end use of the product
    • The product's Harmonized System (HS) code
    • Country-specific regulations

    (Canada) Am I, the customer, responsible for paying the duty & tax fees?

    Yes, you the customer, will need to pay the duty and tax fees for any shipments from YCD (and even other U.S. vendors) directly to the delivery service company, typically Fed Ex. The customer is responsible for these fees outside of YCD's flat rate shipping cost. The duty and tax fees are implemented by the country's government and not by YCD. Every shipment will also have different import tax & duty fees based on the items value in CAD, you can use the table below to estimate those fees based on the province you live in. 

    The Canadian sales taxes include the Provincial Sales Tax (PST), the Quebec Sales Tax (QST), the Goods and Services Tax (GST), and the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) which is a combination of the provincial sales tax portion and the GST in some provinces. 

    Alberta GST 5%       5%
    British Columbia GST + PST 5%     7% 12%
    Manitoba GST + PST 5%     7% 12%
    New Brunswick HST   15%     15%
    Newfoundland and Labrador HST   15%     15%
    Northwest Territories GST 5%       5%
    Nova Scotia HST   15%     15%
    Nunavut GST 5%       5%
    Ontario HST   13%     13%
    Prince Edward Island HST   15%     15%
    Quebec GST + QST 5%   9.975%   14.98%
    Saskatchewan GST + PST 5%     6% 11%
    Yukon GST 5%       5%


    How can I pay the duty & import tax fees for my shipment to Canada?

    If you are the recipient or designated party for payment of duties and taxes, you can pay the fees through your Fed Ex account with a tracking number. If you do not have a FedEx account, or your FedEx account has a poor payment history, then the following options are available to you.


    All of the information regarding Canada's import tax and duty fees was pulled directly from the Fed Ex Website. For more information regarding Canada's Import Tax and Duty Fees, please visit their website at this link: